(#3) 15 more days 'till my anniversary!

Weeeeew, no blog post in 2 months yo, anyway. Counting down to my 1 year anniversary, there is 15 DAYS LEFT! Just wanna say, thanks in advance. 50K views, 90+ followers, gee whiz! Never knew I would get this popular in 10-11 months!

Oct 11 2018

(#2) 70 Followers!

So yesterday we hit 70 followers. I would like to thank everyone for their support of this site. It has been amazing seeing my site being one of the most followed. So, thank you.

Aug 31 2018

(#1) First blog post!

Yep, the first blog post of my site. Well, this isn't completely new, but new for this blog. Anyway, nothing much to say here so.....

Aug 30 2018