Jupiter is the fifth planet of the solar system, which makes it the first gas giant of the solar system. It has a mass of a whooping 1.898 * 10^27 kg, making it the biggest planet of the solar system. It takes almost 10 hours to complete its day, however, it literally takes 12 years to complete one orbit. It was founded by Galileo Galilei, in 1610, with a telescope, and even noticed its 4 moons were orbiting it, which led to a conclusion that the Earth was not the center of the universe. This planet includes mostly molecular hydrogen and helium. It is about 5.2 AU from the Sun.

The Red Spot

In Jupiter, there is a giant red spot, which is so large, that 3 EARTHS can fit into this spot! This spot is actually a storm, that has raged for over 350 YEARS!


The core of Jupiter's core has been a mystery for a long time. It is thought, however, to be surrounded by liquid metallic hydrogen.