Saturn is the sixth planet of the solar system, which makes it the second gas giant of the solar system. It has a mass of 5.683 * 10^26 kg , making it the 2nd largest planet of the solar system. It is known for having the most rings of the solar system. It has 4 groups of rings, which are made of ice, water, and a trace of rocky material. It takes about 11 hours to complete one day on Saturn, however IT TAKES 29 YEARS TO COMPLETE ONE ORBIT! It's average distance from the Sun is about 9.6 AU, which makes it the 6th closest planet of the solar system.

The Rings

There are 4 groups of rings on planet Saturn. These rings were discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. These rings, as mentioned above, are made of water, rocky material, and ice.


The core of Saturn is similar to Jupiter, with a rocky-ish core.