Uranus, oftenly mispronounced, is the seventh planet of the solar system. Despite being the 7th planet, Neptune, the 8th planet of the solar system, has more mass than Uranus (the planet). This planet has a mass of 8.681 * 10^25 kg, and is about 19.3 AU. It takes about 17 hours to complete a day, but a whooping 84 years to complete an orbit around the Sun! Uranus' atmosphere contains mainly hydrogen, helium, water, ammonia, and methane.


Uranus tends to orbit the Sun on its side, instead of just straight. This was thought to be due to a collision from another astronomical object.


The planet Uranus' name is very oftenly mispronounced embarrassingly. You do not pronounce Uranus like "u-ray-nus", you pronounce it like "ur-unus". That way, it isn't very embarrasing.