Question 1: What is the atomic number of oganneson?
A) 118
B) 45
C) 345
D) eskettit

Question 2: What are the two types of phosphorus?
A) Something
B) I dont care
C) Blue Phosphorus and Phosphorus trioxide
D) Red Phosphorus and White Phosphorus

Question 3: What are the causes of a human breathing beryllium?
A) Causes Lung Cancer
B) Causes Pneumonia
C) Causes Diarrhea
D) None of the above

Question 4: What is the charge of livermorium?
A) Unknown
B) Lv2+
C) Lv+
D) Lv6+

Question 5: What is the mass of moscovium?
A) 288
B) 32.5454
C) (288)
D) (300)